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Pressure Regulator, Pressure Regulating Valves - UK Suppliers

UK professional design and manufacture of pressure regulators, flow control valves, filters and pressure regulating valves. Also dome loading valves, test rig valves and hydraulic valves for industrial applications. Expert UK advice and extensive experience so ask us for a quote via or call us on 01332 673700.

UK pressure regulator and regulating valve experts, supplying the industrial gas industry for 30 years. Valves are available on short delivery times of 4 to 6 weeks to meet the demands of our clients.

Our UK manufactured valves are available on short lead times (4-6 weeks), manufactured to client specifications and all are competitively priced.

Our pressure regulators are used in industrial applications to accurately reduce, and control the pressure of a liquid or gas stream to a predetermined lower pressure for use further downstream.

Pressure regulating valves, control valves and pressure regulators are available across the medical, scientific, off shore and subsea sectors. Our regulating valves are suitable for accurately controlling gases and liquids to 1050 bar pressure. All valves are individually tested and certified.

Contact us today in the UK for fast, expert advice and a quotation via or call us on 01332 673700.

Pressure regulating valves available include;

  • High pressure upstream pressure regulators
  • High pressure downstream pressure regulators
  • Pneumatic dome loading regulators
  • Electronic signal controlled pressure regulators
  • High pressure relief valves
  • High pressure isolation valves
  • Pilot operated isolation valves
  • High pressure non-return valves
  • Fail safe valves
  • Automatic change-over valves
  • High pressure filters
  • Special valves to your specification

Our pressure regulators, control valves and pressure regulating valves are available for a wide range of applications including;

  • Hydraulic applications
  • High pressure gas applications
  • High pressure liquid applications
  • High pressure process flow control
  • Oxygen installations
  • Hydrogen valves and hydrogen filters
  • Emergency shut off
  • High pressure filters
  • Cylinder valves
  • Single stage regulators
  • Two stage regulators
  • Changeover regulators
  • Auto changeover regulators
  • Back pressure regulators
  • Pressure regulators for control panels

For advice, information or a quotation contact us today via or call us on 01332 673700.

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